Is A Home Warranty Plan Worth The Investment?

Is A Home Warranty Plan Worth The Investment_

When you buy a new home you can never really know what the condition is of the large and small appliances that are already in the home. Sure, they can pass inspection but in a few months will you be stuck with a huge repair bill?

HomeMembership is not your typical home warranty plan. There are a few options to pick from and they can really help you lower your out of pocket expenses. Think of it like a roadside assistance policy or an insurance policy for your home appliances.

The membership is just $550 a year. When you have your home and car insurance policy with us you pay no deductible when you have something repaired. Otherwise, it’s just a $75 deductible. You could see major savings if you use the plan just one time for a repair.

Here is an example from a water line repair we just completed for one of our customers.

This customer needed a water line repair. This is an expensive job that would have cost the homeowner $2600. But because they had a HomeMembership plan they paid a $75 deductible.

  • Repair Bill: $2600
  • HomeMembership cost:$550
  • Deductible: $75

Total Saved: $1975 with just 1 repair!

As a realtor, it’s a great way to help your buyer feel better about their new home purchase. As a new homeowner, it’s added peace of mind on your new investment.

Live stress free knowing you are protected from costly repair with a HomeMembership plan!

Is a home warranty plan worth the investment? We think the answer is yes! Click here to get started!

Is A Home Warranty Plan Worth The Investment? Find out why a HomeMembership plan may be right for you as a homeowner. It will help you save money on appliance repairs.