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Your online repair or maintenance request has been received.

Regular business hours are 8:30 am to 5:30 pm (EST) Monday - Friday.


All claims filed after 5:30 pm (EST) Monday-Friday will be scheduled the next business day during regular business hours. Only HVAC claims received on Saturdays before 2:00 pm (EST) will be dispatched to a technician and accompany a $150-weekend rate when approved by member. If you have an HVAC claim that is an emergency on Saturday after 2:00 pm or on Sunday, which is outside of our dispatch hours, HomeMembership offers hotel stay coverage for your inconvenience. We will reimburse your hotel stay up to $75 a night with a $300 max. All other claims received outside of regular business hours will be scheduled on the next business day and accompany a $100 deductible.

If you have another type of claim unrelated to HVAC (i.e., Plumbing, Appliance, or Electrical) on the weekend and it is an emergency, please contact your own provider to respond to a same day, weekend emergency call. Please pay for the repair, have the receipt itemized, and submit to [email protected]. The claims department will review and reimburse you for all covered items per our pre-negotiated rates, up to your limit, minus the after-hour deductible of $150. Your reimbursement of covered items will be issued within 48 hours. Otherwise, your claim will be dispatched first thing on the next available business day and will only accompany a $100 deductible. Please click here to review your coverages and exclusions for plumbing, appliance, or electrical before you call your weekend provider.

Once scheduled for regular hours, you will receive a window of time for the service provider to arrive. Be sure to give service provider your correct information and answer all phone calls from unknown numbers as it may be the service provider calling to confirm service. After several attempts to contact you and no answer, you will be rescheduled on the next available business day.

Also, please allow an additional 30-minute grace period outside of the scheduled service providers window of given arrival time before you email [email protected] on the status of your service provider.

PLEASE CHECK YOUR SPAM AND JUNK FOLDER if you do not see a follow-up email from us

All inquiries on an existing claim or any other claim related questions should be sent to [email protected].

If you have not received a response from the service provider within 4 hours please email us at [email protected] with your name and address so we can check the status of your claim to ensure the service provider contacts you to schedule the appointment.