How To Manage The Stress Of Buying A New Home

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Buying a home is stressful, but knowing what you are getting into will help ease the stress. And it will all be worth it when you are holding the keys to your new home!

According to a recent survey from 40% of Americans say that buying a home is the most stressful event in life and many admit to being reduced to tears at some point throughout the process.

When something goes awry in an already complicated and confusing process, it affects you emotionally. This isn’t just a purchase contract; it’s a home, a future, and a dream. Buying a home will often be the largest purchase you’ll ever make in life, and it can be heartbreaking when it doesn’t work out.

There’s a lot of “not knowing” that happens when you’re buying a home and this alone carries a lot of the stress that people experience when buying a home. You might even feel like your livelihood is in someone else’s hands. Because the lender makes all the decisions on your home loan, they will ask for a lot of paperwork, clarification and have plenty of questions to ask…this is NORMAL.

The process for home buying is a lengthy and complex one, and as a result, you end up playing a stressful waiting game. You’ll find yourself waiting on a response from the seller, on repairs to be done, the appraisal to be completed, and the final decision to close from the underwriter. Buying a home requires patience. You will wait for other people, and there is nothing you can do about it.

Managing this stress and your well-being is a part of the home buying process, an important one that shouldn’t be set aside.

Here are a few suggestions that might help:

Knowledge is Power

Take time to understand the home buying process before diving in. The more you know about the process the more you’ll be comfortable through each stage and not worry yourself over little things that don’t matter.

Be Smart

Do not make an offer on a home outside your budget or on a home you are not excited about. Going outside of your budget adds financial stress that can be completely avoided and doesn’t make sense in the long run. And if you have worries about the house already it’s probably not the house for you. Those worries will only get bigger as the process goes along.

Keep it to Yourself

Because things don’t always go as planned, I’d hold off telling all your friends about your new house until it’s actually yours. Some of the worries that come up for new home buyers is because you might be embarrassed in front of your friends and family if it doesn’t work out. You can eliminate this stressor by keeping things under wraps until you get the keys.

Ask Questions

Throughout the process, things will come up that might trigger you to start worrying, if you are unsure about something speak up. Call your agent, call your lender or call Mom. Often, a simple phone call can clear things up and generally make you feel more at ease in the moment.

Avoid Google

Google is full of nightmare stories about things that have gone wrong while trying to buy a home; there is no good reason to spend time reading about it. In fact, I recommend that people spend less time on the internet overall during this time. Social media can affect mood and outlook, and I want to encourage you to trust your lender when they say you’re in good shape and believe your agent when they tell you things are going smoothly. They’ve been through it enough, and if they have concerns, they’ll be upfront with you.

You can be thoroughly prepared, and you can do all the homework and choose a house you absolutely love and still something will come up to cause stress, worry or anxiety. People will react differently, but you can manage this stress if you focus on your well-being and take time for yourself, or use it as an opportunity to bond and connect with your family.

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Home buying can be stressful, BUT it’s always worth it in the end. Put yourself in the hands of your lender and realtor and enjoy the ride.