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*Please allow a 1-3 hour window from the time this form is submitted to receive a call back to schedule your service appointment. This applies to normal business hour submissions M-F. If you are making a repair request after hours which is after 5:30 pm weekdays or on the weekend, all non-emergency requests will have a work order opened first thing in the A.M. the next business day.  You can expect a call within 2-3 hours from the time our office opens to schedule the appointment with you.  After hour and weekend, emergency requests will be called back within 2 hours from the time the request is submitted.  An emergency constitutes, freezing weather (below 40 °F) and no heat or extreme heat (above 90 °F) and no AC.  All other requests would be considered a non-emergency. Please be prepared to pay the $75 deductible to the service provider at the time of visit. Payment should be made via cash or check. (*No shows or failure to cancel at least two hours before a scheduled appointment will still be subject to $75 deductible. Weekend or after hour calls are subject to a $150 deductible.)

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*Terms regarding service calls and deductible charges-
Under normal circumstances, HM will initiate the performance of services within 48 hours after the request of the Membership Holder. In the event of an emergency, we will make reasonable efforts to expedite service within 24 hours.
An emergency is defined as a failure resulting in:
1) Plumbing failure that causes interior flooding
2) A complete loss of heat or A/C in extreme temperatures (I.e. Outside Temps exceeding 90 degrees or below 40 degrees)
3) A condition that immediately endangers health and safety
4) A system failure that is causing ongoing damage to the home
If you should request us to perform emergency or non-emergency service outside of normal business hours, you will be responsible for a $150.00 deductible as well as any other non-standard fees or overtime charges. HM does not guarantee a response time by the contractor performing service and in some cases, weather conditions may cause a longer response time than normal. HM may also request a copy of a previous home inspection where applicable before service is performed. We require you to contact us so we may have the opportunity to select an Independent Contractor to perform the service. We will not reimburse you for services performed by your own contractor without prior authorization. Each Service Request placed will pertain to one covered item, additional covered items opened within the same Service Request will be subject to an additional $75 Deductible. Additional fee may be required to open a Service Request for properties out of network. The deductible is due whether service is covered or denied. Any promotional deductibles do not apply to weekend, after hours, holidays or emergency calls. It is the Contract Holder's obligation to select the trade type when requesting service. In the event the Contract Holder selects the wrong trade type, the Contract Holder is required to pay a second Deductible to re-dispatch the appropriate service request. We cannot respond to a new Request of Service until all previous Deductibles are paid. Failure to pay the Deductible will result in suspension of coverage until such time as the proper fee is paid. At that time, coverage will be reinstated, but the contract period will not be extended. If an additional service request is made and the problem is deemed operator error, the member will still need to pay the $75 deductible. If the member has scheduled an appointment with a service contractor and the member has not contacted HM direct within 2 hours of scheduled appointment to cancel, member will still be responsible for paying the $75 deductible to contractor for any No Shows, Failure to Call, Failure to Cancel, Not Home, or any other related situation that does not allow service contractor to perform repair at the time of the scheduled appointment. If the member attempts to reschedule a second appointment for any of the reasons mentioned above, they will need to pay the original $75 deductible and pay a new $75 deductible before any services will be performed.


Q -  If I submit a repair request at night or the weekend, will someone call me right away?
A - Repair requests sent after hours which include weekends will be opened and serviced the next normal business day, you can expect a call with 2 hours after our office opens.  Only emergency requests will be called back within two hours of request submission.
Q -  What is an after hour emergency?
An emergency call would be no heat or no AC in extreme temperatures (below 40 °F or above 90 °F) or, a major plumbing leak where all the water to the home had to be shut off.  All other calls would be considered a non-emergency.  After hour calls are always subject to a $150 deductible.
Q - If I have a plumber come out and they have to cut into my drywall to fix a leak, will they repair the dry when complete.
A - No, the member is always responsible to pay for replacing drywall.  The warranty only pays to cut through drywall and repair the leak.


Q -  What forms of payment do you take for the deductible?
A - Members are required to pay the service provider direct when they arrive.  Most providers just take cash or check.  The member can ask the provider when they call to schedule the appointment if they accept credit cards.

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