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Regular business hours are 8:30 am to 5:30 pm (EST) Monday - Friday.

All claims filed after 5:30 pm (EST) Monday-Friday will be scheduled the next business day during regular business hours. Only HVAC claims received on Saturdays before 2:00pm (EST) will be dispatched to a technician and accompany a $150-weekend rate when approved by member.  All other claims received outside of regular business hours, will be scheduled on the next business day and accompany a $75 deductible. (*HomeMembership Home & Auto Insurance Members will receive a $0 Deductible on all warranty claims)

Once scheduled, you will receive a window of time for the service provider to arrive.  Be sure to give service provider your correct information and answer all phone calls from unknown numbers as it may be the service provider calling to confirm service. After several attempts to contact you and no answer, you will be rescheduled on the next available business day.

Also, please allow an additional 30-minute grace period outside of the scheduled service providers window of given arrival time before you email [email protected] on the status of your service provider.

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Claims FAQs

If I request a particular appointment time, will it be met?

We cannot guarantee an appointment time, but we will try to coordinate with our service provider about your request.

Will my appointment be skipped if I can’t be reached by the service provider?

Yes, it will.  The service provider will make several attempts to confirm service and if you do not answer or reply you will be scheduled on the next business day.

If I have a plumber come out and they have to cut into my drywall to fix a leak, will they repair the drywall when complete.

No, the member is always responsible to pay for replacing drywall. The warranty only pays to cut through drywall and repair the leak.

What forms of payment do you take for the deductible?

Members are required to pay the service provider directly when they arrive. Most providers just take cash or check. The member can ask the provider when they call to schedule the appointment if they accept credit cards.

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