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We understand your clients are the assets of your business and that providing a no non-sense service contract with easy to understand coverages is crucial to your success.

You can feel confident that HomeMembership will be there when your real estate clients need us most.


  • Easy to use Agent Portal
  • No fine print for real estate clients
  • Easy to explain coverage chart
  • No non-sense coverage, so you can focus on your real estate

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Feedback from Other Real Estate Pros

As an experienced real estate agent in Louisville, there is no other home warranty company I would recommend beyond HomeMembership. I love that they are local (no national call center to make service claims) and they truly care about taking care of people. When your business is local, reputation matters. All my clients have raved about the coverage, service, contractors and overall experience. Maximum coverage is very well priced, too! Excellent, professional, comprehensive...5 STARS!

Libby Loeser

HomeMembership has done a wonderful job following up with my buyers and fixing issues responsibly. My sellers are pleased as well due to their 3 tier pricing. I would recommend this locally owned company.

David Vincent

Very fast, efficient and professional customer service. I like keeping it local for my client's home warranties! Thanks to the staff at HomeMembership!

Rachael Holden

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