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Do more than just sell homes: our plans give your clients long-term protection that you can trust.

Protect Your Clients. Preserve Your Reputation.

Entice potential homebuyers with an included HomeMembership package that earns them immediate discounts and long-term protection against system breakdowns and emergencies. We offer you the choice of three customized plans to choose the package that's right for you and your buyers. With clearly outlined coverage and streamlined service, you won't have to worry about frustrated client callbacks.

Protection Your Clients Deserve photo

Protection Your Clients Deserve

Protection Your Clients Deserve

Your clients have enough on their mind. Give them complete asset protection and member benefits.

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Professional Affiliation

Professional Affiliation

Rest assured knowing that your clients are in good hands with our team of seasoned experts.

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Added-Value Home Sale

Added-Value Home Sale

Leave your clients satisfied with the added value of a trusted home warranty bundle for their new home.

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If you need to offer coverage quickly, we can help make it happen.

What's Covered?

Compare plans to see which type of coverage best fits you and your home.

Home Maintenance $0 Deductible Home Warranty $75 Deductible
$0 Deductible for Insurance Members
Full Coverage
HVAC Maintenance
Emergency HVAC Response
Annual Dryer Vent Cleaning
Lockout Locksmith Service
Homeside Assistance
Smoke Detector Battery Replacement
Water Heater Flush/Mantenance
Wifi Performance Service
Air Conditioner/Heater
Bonus Coverages

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Create your own custom bundle to choose the coverage features you would like to offer clients.

Heating & AC Units

Covers routine cleanings, repairs, and installation.

Water Service Lines

Covers possible breakdowns, leaks, or other damage to water lines outside the home.

Sewer Lines

Covers maintenance and repairs to sewer lines outside the home.

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Feedback from Other Real Estate Pros

As an experienced real estate agent in Louisville, there is no other home warranty company I would recommend beyond HomeMembership. I love that they are local (no national call center to make service claims) and they truly care about taking care of people. When your business is local, reputation matters. All my clients have raved about the coverage, service, contractors and overall experience. Maximum coverage is very well priced, too! Excellent, professional, comprehensive...5 STARS!

Libby Loeser

HomeMembership has done a wonderful job following up with my buyers and fixing issues responsibly. My sellers are pleased as well due to their 3 tier pricing. I would recommend this locally owned company.

David Vincent

Very fast, efficient and professional customer service. I like keeping it local for my client's home warranties! Thanks to the staff at HomeMembership!

Rachael Holden

Set Your Homes Apart

Offer your potential homebuyers the security they deserve. With HomeMembership, you can give buyers the confidence they need to move forward with the purchase of their dream home.

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