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Why HomeMembership?

Unlike other home warranty policies, our HomeMembership program offers you the instant benefit of exclusive discounts all while protecting you from unexpected home repair costs.

Home Value Protection for the Twenty-First Century


Preserve Your Investment. Protect Your Savings.

Our membership reduces long-term out-of-pocket repair and maintenance costs by protecting your appliances, plumbing, heating/cooling and other home systems. Instead of paying your repair costs, you only pay a co-pay, which means you save money long-term for protecting your home wisely.

Clear Terms & Customizable Coverage

We do business differently, by clearly outlining the services we do and don't cover. Our optional add-on bundled coverage allows you to create custom coverage that meets your needs.


Exclusive Members-Only Retail Discounts

Exclusive discounts at local and nationwide businesses give you immediate value from your protection plans.

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