Top Smart Home Devices from CES 2018

Smart Home Devices from CES 2018

At HomeMembership we’re always looking for new smart home features. That’s why this January we couldn’t wait to see what came out of CES: the largest technology conference in the U.S.

The Consumer Electronics Showcase (CES) is where the latest technology is shown off to retailers and investors.  We’re excited to see the improvements to smart home devices. From updates to home “assistants” like Amazon Alexa and Google Home, to completely automated appliances; we can’t wait for these to make their way to general markets.


Smart Home Assistants


Home assistants have been around for a few years now but this year’s models include screens and increased functionality outside the home (controlling cars, garage doors, sprinkler systems etc). The greatest leap is still inside the home. Most future generations of these assistants will integrate into virtually every appliance and device in the home. During CES 2018 we learned GE and Whirlpool are increasing products that assistants can control. Other appliances controlled by these assistants include security systems/cameras, refrigerators, washer and dryers, coffee makers, and more!


Smart Home Keys     


Realtors rejoice! Technology is only getting better for gaining access to multiple properties. Stemming from the controversial Amazon Key that allows delivery services to enter homes, multiple companies are creating similar features. We can’t help but imagine how these devices will improve realtors’ lives.  The Smart Lock creates multiple pins for different users for just one door. The owner can grant access to certain pins for different times. For example, If your seller isn’t expecting any buyers to come through past 6 p.m.  they can disable all pins given to realtors at night. August Access allows anyone to unlock a door with an app using a code the owner provides.


Smart Home Fridge


The smart fridge allows users to keep track of available food and matches that food with meal planning. It can also sync to mobile devices. So, while you’re at the grocery store about to pick up a gallon of milk, you can check if you have any at home. The screen also has a notes feature, so anyone can leave reminders for the household. The fridge can connect to other smart devices as well. If you’re peaking into the fridge for a midnight snack and the doorbell rings (!) you can quickly look at the security video right on the fridge.


Smart Home Bathroom

Alexa Smart Shower CES 2018


We need this in our lives! We can’t WAIT for Smart Bathrooms to be mainstream! Talk about adding value to your listing. CES debuted many different bathroom features including smart showers that control temperature, water pressure, timing and more. There was also an Alexa-powered mirror, toilet and sink!


Facebook Messenger

One last feature making waves at CES was the smart appliances that include Facebook Messenger controls. If you’re not yet savvy with home assistants, you can still control some devices with what you are familiar with: Facebook. Device manufacturers create Facebook bots anyone can download to control their specific products. Netatmo has added the messenger feature to their security systems, thermostats, lights and window blinds. 


What a time to be alive!


Kasey T. HomeMembership