Exterior Maintenance Tips For Homeowners

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Owning a home takes a fair amount of upkeep and maintenance. Many people think about everything that they need to do on the interior of the house, but let’s not forget about the exterior maintenance needed as well. If you’re looking for a few simple exterior maintenance tips to add to your home maintenance list, you’ll find some great tips and ideas here.

Part of the upkeep of a house is taking care of the inside and the outside, both. It can all start to jumble together and become one big mess. Don’t let this happen to you! There are ways that you can coordinate it all so that your home is ready for every season of the year. 

What does home maintenance even mean?

Many people hear those words but might not actually know what they mean. Home maintenance is more than making repairs to your home…it’s doing what you can before “disaster” strikes so that your house is in good standing all year. This means that there are many tasks that you’ll do over and over again to keep the maintenance on your house current. This can include cleaning the gutters, mowing the yard, staining the deck, or other exterior maintenance chores like that. 


How can I maintain maintenance at home?

 To keep up with the maintenance of your home, there are certain things that you can do to maintain it and fix issues before they become “big” issues. 

  • Inspect the exterior of your home quarterly

All this means is that you need to do a perimeter walk around the outside of your home and take a peek at the places and items that might need to be repaired. Do a spot check of your roof, check your gutters, and go along the base of your home to see if you notice any cracks. You’ll be surprised at how you can easily catch an issue before it turns into a huge, expensive problem. 

  • Keep your exterior clean and clutter-free

Clutter causes chaos, and this is true on the interior and exterior of your home. If you’re worried about the exterior of your home, don’t have items just lying around and causing a bunch of clutter. Instead, keep your yard, garage, and shop areas clean and clear. This simple tip will make it easier locate items that you need and won’t have any surprises hiding for you under mounds and mounds of stuff. 

How do I keep the outside of my home looking clean?

As mentioned above, you need to make certain that you aren’t just leaving around a bunch of clutter. Place trash in trashcans and have your sidewalks and porch swept and clean.

If you have siding on your home, you can clean every year with a scrub brush and soap, or even a power washer, to make it shine like it’s new. 

One other factor to pay attention to on the exterior of your home is your gutters. If they are full of leaves and debris, they’re going to be an eyesore for the entire focus of your house. Keep them clean and repaint them if needed. Since they’re the outline of the roof of your home, they often attract attention right away. 


Exterior maintenance tips for owning a home

As you can tell, exterior maintenance can be a lot of different things. Exterior maintenance can be simple tasks that have to be done weekly, or once a year tasks as well. In order to have the best exterior maintenance plan for your home, here are a few simple tips to keep in mind. 


  • Create a yearly home maintenance checklist

Don’t try to remember everything that you have to do spur of the moment. Instead, make a list and check off the items as you go. That way, you can reference it throughout the year to see what you have and haven’t done yet. And as you mark them off, make certain to write the date next to it so you can keep track of the last time that you completed certain maintenance. 


  • Understand that there is always a way to improve your exterior home maintenance

If you feel like you’re ALWAYS doing some on the exterior of your home, it’s because you probably are! There are endless items that need to be prepared or updated before the change of the seasons. And once the seasons change, you’ll be starting all over again! This is part of maintaining your home and helping it have the best possible curb appeal that it can.

These exterior maintenance tips are easy and are ones that can apply to any home. The next time that you’re looking to work outdoors, take a notepad and pen and write down all the things that you need to work on. This will then provide you with ideas and energy to tackle them all easily! 


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Do you have any exterior maintenance tips to share?