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Please keep and reference this page for information on how to file a claim and receive reimbursement along with other important information.

Please watch our video here on how to start the reimbursement process and set up your customer portal.

Once your portal is created please follow the instructions below.


Please set your email program to accept or put on the approved whitelisted emails [email protected].  In the event you cannot or do not know how to perform this function please always check your email including your SPAM/JUNK folder for correspondence from us.  Many email programs put our emails into the spam junk folder.

Please note, all claims are handled through email, after a claim submission through your portal, we will email you confirming receipt and any further information or instructions. If you have a general claim question please email [email protected] and we will respond to you promptly.


  • Coverage for the primary part only as shown on the coverage chart. Additional parts or labor within the primary part are not covered unless specifically listed
  • Labor-Only Service or Maintenance Not Covered
  • Only one (1) part or unit is covered during the contract term unless specified as multiples on the coverage chart. HVAC coverage for the main unit only. Additional units can be added.
  • No Additional Fees or Services of any kind are covered
  • Items not broken do not qualify for reimbursement as part of an upgrade for system replacement. $1250 max per occurrence. Only parts and labor on the same receipt/invoice with diagnoses of the problem by a licensed company are available for reimbursement. Part-only or labor-only receipts are not acceptable (excl. lighting). Secondary damage is not reimbursable.
  • Freon coverage limit for leak repairs only. Freon coverage is not eligible for system replacements, new equipment or recharges

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