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Organizing a garage can be a daunting task. Follow these tips to simplify the process of organizing a garage.

It is not only a question of whether or not the car can be parked in the garage or if leaving the garage door open for the entire neighborhood to see is an embarrassment or not, but the reality of being able to use the garage.


Organizing A Garage One Section at a Time

Garage storage solutions will need to take planning and preparation, which can be a lot of work. The best way to tackle this type of project is one section at a time. Decide what you use the garage for, what you want to use it for, what open space you have available, and any garage organizers you can use.


What is the primary motivation for taking on a garage organizing project? Think of what you currently use the garage for and what you would like to use it for. Often, the garage is used purely for storage, but there may be a want to use it as a hobby or work area.



Maybe you just need to get your car in the garage. Know the reason you need the garage organized to make your garage storage solutions work for you.

Look at the space that is available in the garage. One of the goals will be to get everything off the floor and placed in designated areas. Most often, the walls and the ceiling have the most usable space.

Think of what type of garage organizers would help in organizing and maximizing the garage space. Look at what you need to store and what space is available to determine this. Divide the garage into sections to organize one section at a time.



Get the Garage Storage Solutions You Need!

After you know how you will be organizing the garage and what you will be using it for, you can get the storage solutions necessary to give the items in your garage a place of its own.

Use The Ceiling

One item that is becoming more standard to create more space in the garage is the Overhead Garage Storage System. This type of ceiling-mounted shelving system is one example of getting items off the ground and freeing up wall space.

Use The Walls

There are many different types of garage wall organizers on the market. These items include a slot wall, peg wall, and steel grids. These wall organizers are great for hanging many different items like large and small tools, sporting equipment, and gardening supplies. Again, this is another great method to get things off the floor.

Use Shelving

Some items cannot go on a wall or are used often enough to make storing them on ceiling shelving inconvenient. Getting strong commercial grade shelving is a good choice to keep frequently used heavy items.



Need to Purge to Organize Your Garage

Now that the plan is in place, it is time to purge the items that are being stored in the garage. Take the section that is being worked on and remove every single item. Decide which items you can donate, which things need to be thrown away, and which items you will keep. Separate the items accordingly.



Put Everything Back in Your Organized Garage

The final piece of this project is to place your chosen organizers in the selected section and then to put the items you are keeping back.

It’s so mice to have an organized garage. You can find the things you need easier and use this extra space in your home for storage and to store your car.


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